“How you doin?” -Joey Tribbiani

Have you ever taken a test and said, “Hmm, I wonder if I’m the only one that’s (excited, pleased, bummed, etc.) about how I did on that test?”
Once again, Plickers to the rescue! (And we did take the time to clarify what each choice was truly asking, a wordsmith in print I am not!)

Before handing back our chapter 3 test on solving linear systems, students eagerly shared there thoughts on how well they though they did on the assessment. As a teacher I appreciated being able to look behind the scenes to see how individuals responded in an instant.

Once we went over the test, I quickly used the Plickers app on my phone to generate and survey again.



LOVE instantaneous feedback!

What other methods of formative assessment do you use in your classroom?

This inquiring mind would love to know!!