Riddle Me This

Thanks to @veganmathbeagle I can no longer teach sequences and series using a standard note packet of formulas and definitions. And that’s a good thing.
To try and get students to think “outside the box” we spent a portion of the hour working on Wuzzles, those fun boxes of cleverly written words.

These Wuzzles

Not these Wuzzles


We discussed how you can offer clues to the puzzle without blurting the answer out. “How many do you see?” “You wear these on your feet.”

Once we established the “no blurting” rule, we moved onto looking at patterns on visualpatterns.org starting with

After a couple like this, we upped the challenge to one that @veganmathbeagle created (btw students thought it was cool that they knew her AND that she had several entries to the site).


It was so cool walking the room and listening to the students interact. And even better when they willingly volunteered (not the “hey you go volunteer” that usually happens) to explain their unique ways of approaching the situation.