Perfect 10

Walking into the building today, I realized that this is my tenth “first day” as a teacher, and I’m still just as nervous as always! But once the day was said and done, I have one of the most positive outlooks on the year than I ever have before. Thanks to my inspirational colleagues Megan and Dianna.

Here’s my shot at Table Top Twitter!
Hours 1-3 respectively:




Things to note:
~I gradually have smaller classes as the day goes on
~My honors algebra 2 students are 1st hour
~My algebra 1 concepts & skills students are hours 2&3
~I will be having a heart to heart with one individual in my 3rd hour (Can you find why? Zoom into bright green marker.)

We also did the coordinate pairs group activity with their groups of 4 as an ice breaker. They will hold their sheets until we switch groups. I will use the sheet to select volunteers from groups. (I need the Group member who was the right bottom to volunteer ) I won’t go into it here, but will link it at some point!

Ending this first post with a perfect 10 shot of my 1st hour. (Notice I made sure they remained anonymous!)



4 thoughts on “Perfect 10

  1. This is so fun! I’m so glad that you tried out Tabletop Twitter! I did it this year too, but I haven’t figured out yet how I want to summarize it. Did you ask students to just write one thing on each sheet, or is that just how it happened? I’ve really enjoyed the “silent conversations” that have often come through this activity in my classroom, much like we see on real Twitter. Thanks for sharing!

    • I had students write one “tweet” each. I will have to update my post with the final posters I had my student aid compile from all 3 classes worth of responses. I did have her “filter” the responses to include only constructive comments (or I would have potatoes and cannabis on my walls!)

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