The bird’s the word!

Well here I sit at the kitchen table, debating in my head over how to reflect upon #tmc14 (that’s Twitter Math Camp…and yes we saw ACTUAL people AND they like math!).  After reading Justin Aion‘s Twordle post and giving it a go myself, inspiration hit.  How do I use social media?

Facebook is my family/friends connection, “social research” location, and how I communicate with my Thirty-One sisters and run my business.  That was easy.

Instagram became my go to for cute dogs, food porn, and workout inspiration.

Pinterest became an obsession that turned out more “Pinterest-Fails” than anything else.  So now it is my go to for creative ideas.

Then there’s Twitter.  My very first post:

2014 twitter first tweet

I clearly had no idea what I was getting into!  I jumped into following all the celebrities (who doesn’t want to know what Conan O’Brien is up to these days?!), news affiliates, and the few actual people I knew on Twitter.  My Twordle of all my tweets is clearly evident of what I did the most of:

2014 Twitter Wordle

I obviously posted a lot of original content to Twitter over the last few years.  But if I remove that outlier (based on observation, not actual data), it looks more like this:

2014 twitter wordle no RT


(Did you know that @veganmathbeagle changed her name multiple times?)  Aside from retweeting, I used Twitter to communicate with my student aids, share random facts, and communicate with those I already talked to in real-life.

Being new to the Twitter Math Blogosphere, and exposed to alternate uses of Twitter, I suspect my Twordle will be greatly different in the years to come. Thank you for the inspiration and focus you have all provided me during TMC14.  I will use what I have learned as a jumping point, into the shallow end of the pool, I’ve learned that I can’t swim well enough to stick it out in the deep end.  I will slowly doggy paddle my way out into the depths, ever expanding my resources, connections, and viewpoints of how to improve upon my classroom abilities.  This is not to say that I will outright stop RT punny jokes 🙂

-T 🙂