Facebook Fun

I used to go Black Friday shopping at the crack of dawn just for the rush of getting an exclusive deal that I would never think of purchasing any other time of the year.  Now that stores are opting to open on Thanksgiving, that rush is gone.  No longer are the days of standing in long lines in the MN cold  waiting in anticipation to get my hands on the items that await for me inside.  

And after talking with others, they too feel this retail frustration.  Now as I type this we are definitely beyond the holidays (unless you go all out for Valentine’s Day), but I wanted to bring that joy to those that I could.  So in a true “first come first served” style I ran a sale in my closed Facebook group for my direct sales business with Thirty-One Gifts.  With over 30 ladies actively online during the hour long free-for-all, things moved quickly.  Pictures of items that were for sale from my private stock were posted and within seconds guests were virtually shouting, “MINE!!”  The hour went by like a blur with notifications dinging and side comments bursting onto my computer screen; it was hard to keep up with the frenzy!  

All this reminded me of that feeling that would swell up inside me on those cold, sleep deprived mornings.  This time however I was able to sit in my PJs, sipping on a beverage of choice, and letting the virtual interactions take over without needing to hunt for parking.  

Happy Groundhog Eve-Day 🙂

T 🙂